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How do I know which rides are suitable for me?

See ride grade definitions here

I’m planning on hiring bikes any suggestions?

We have an arrangement with Forest Leisure Cycling for 10% off bike hire for groups of 10 and only £10 delivery / collection to any New Forest Location to allow us great flexibility in ride start points away from busy traffic areas ( free for groups of 10 or over)

I’m planning on bringing my own bike - what sort of bike do I need?

A mountain bike is preferable, failing that a hybrid will make it round a blue route ok. All red routes must have mountain bikes though. I would suggest your bike has at least 10 gears or so. Not suitable are road bikes, shopper style heavy bikes with few gears and electric bikes.

What do I need to bring with me?

*Spare Inner Tube, bike pump and puncture repair patches / levers. Forest Leisure Cycle Hire will provide these if you are hiring a bike
*Charged mobile phone with leaders number stored in it ( on the unlikely event you get separated from group, in areas of poor reception, sending a text (including your name) is more likely to get to the leader than calling / voicemails etc)
* Any medication you might need if applicable ( see below)

I have a medical condition what do I need to do?

You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times (please refer to disclaimer below) But if you do have a condition and your GP has cleared you for this type of activity then please inform the event leader in confidence if you have any condition that could flair up on the ride eg Allergies ( eg where is your epi pen kept? ) Diabetes, Asthma ( where is your inhaler kept ) etc. 

All bike rides are undertaken entirely at the participants own risk and no responsibility can be taken for any physical, mental or emotional injury suffered by any participant. By taking part each participant accepts full responsibility for their own safety and well-being. We do not accept responsibility or liability in respect of any loss, theft or damage to personal property or effects. If in doubt, please seek professional advice before participating. 

You are responsible for your own first aid and most of all if you have prescriptions (such as asthma, allergies etc) you must bring them with you on events if necessary.
Although all of the routes have been pre riden in advance several times in the past there may be occasions we divert from our intended course due to recent flooding / blockage etc. This cannot be helped and we hope you would bear with us on these rare occasions.



Anything I should know about ride etiquette?

Please don't go off a long way ahead of the group leader as this makes it very hard for them to pull the group back in case of turns you may not have seen or wrong turn taken that need to be rectified etc. We do sometimes go down well hidden paths you may not expect! (Exception being hill climbs - please wait at top if you get ahead) 

What if the forecast is for heavy rain?

Riding in a downpour is not the most pleasant experience for you or us so rides will be cancelled or postponed in really bad conditions and any deposits fully refunded on cancellations.

Can I bring my kids/ teenagers?

Our bespoke cycling tours can be tailored for any ability so if your child can happily do the mileage agreed then we are happy to lead you at whatever pace they can manage.

Can I bring my dog?

I'm sorry but we don't consider it safe to ride in a group with dogs alongside

Do I really have to wear a helmet? 

Even if you are not concerned for your own safety, as group leader I don't wish to have the responsibility of getting an air ambulance out to some remote part of the forest if you've fallen off and got concussed due to not wearing a helmet, so for this reason if nothing else then yes sorry it's compulsory.

Any suggestions re bike clothing?
You will be a lot more comfortable if you can get some padded cycling shorts to wear either under some baggier trousers or on their own if you dare! Types of trousers to avoid would be jeans / anything with thick seams that can chafe! As a tip, wear various layers and bring a backpack you can put unwanted layers in

What clothing / equipment can you recommend for winter bike rides?

We have been out in minus 5 before and believe that like the Scandinavians say there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes! I would recommend some good quality gloves eg sealskins ( nb woolly gloves let a lot of air in!) , waterproof socks, skull cap for going under your helmet, plenty of layers, foot warmers for really cold days are also a great idea even if you just have them in your backpack in case of need. 

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